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RED 7 BINGO - Bingo News

As we are a top bingo portal website it is only right that we provide you with breaking news about the world of online bingo.

Bingo news is good news, we tell you about new games, promotions, new bingo sites and the latest big winners.


Bingo is a great and popular game played by people of all generations, for various reasons. This game has been around for centuries and will always be around due to the exitement it gives to one and all. Anyone who plays bingo will play for one reason or other.... itīs a personal thing and thatīs why it works so well.

Who does nīt like a social game thatīs easy to learn and quite straight forward. Oh, and letīs not forget you can win some great prizes and cash too!

The reason for playing doesnīt matter but for sure bingo will always remain a common activity across all cultures.

Now that weīve established what a cool game it is letīs take a look at the tos and fros of playing bingo online.

Many people out there are against the who idea of the use of a computer to play any bingo games online. This could be said to be a little old fashioned. Is the online bingo site killing traditional bingo that is played at bingo halls? Letīs think, even though bingo is still enjoyed at bingo halls is the game as popular as it once was?? There are still many bingo players that canīt beat the feeling of playing at a bingo hall; they believe that playing online takes the whole fun out of bingo and that bingo halls are where the game should stay to be played. The whole aspect of face to face bingo is more appealing .


There are reasons why bingo played online is becoming much more popular and itīs not just to do with the increase in technology. The past couple of years havenīt be the easiest where the wallet is concerned and statistics tell us that the whole expense of a night out in the bingo hall has now become more expensive. Just for transport and a couple of drinks when you arrive at the bingo hall can make a big whole in your pocket.

The truth is that for the price of internet in the comfort of your own home these days is so cheap that we prefer to invite friends round for a night in, a bit of a knees-up using all the free bingo and offers of the week or month.

In today's society of hectic lifestyles and leisure times shrinking because of work and family,itīs not so easy to find the time to travel and their yoú have one of the reasons for the easy solution at the switch of a button and so much fun.

We still havenīt spoken of the social part of the game, i.e. the chat rooms that are always open. They are there to offer the player a chance to meet new people from all over the world. The chat rooms are totally secure and always supervised. So who needs to go with a friend to play bingo when you have everything infront of you.

Internet Bingo Update

If you are a keen bingo player it may be worth investing in the latest technology to help your online bingo game. Would like to know more about the latest playing methods which will improve your game?

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Record Online Bingo Players

UK online bingo operators recent made news as they boasted the rise in bingo player numbers across UK bingo websites. The operators are smiling all the way as their daily player numbers had increased considerably by 19% since September 2007. The increased numbers is good news for the online bingo industry as this means that online bingo is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in online gaming.

Jackpot Winner

Jackpotjoy online bingo player Sandra L is celebrating a full house bingo Jackpot win of Ģ41,585. The lucky player said about her win: "I thought I was going to collapse. I never even dreamed of winning the Jackpot!"

Team Bingo at 888 Ladies

If team bingo online is your cup of tea, why don’t you try out the action at where the online bingo fun steps up a gear when you and two of your best bingo buddies team up for a crack at some great prizes.

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